Vacation Planning

You found the perfect beach for you to visit! Now what?  We have some ideas for you.  You should enjoy them much like we did.  These activities and locations suggested have been personally tested by us!  We can't guarantee 100% perfection and satisfaction every single time for all our visitors, however we are doing our part to help give you the best chance possible to do so.  We got tired of planted reviews so we've decided to be that specialty third person to go and check it out for you.  So browse our list of suggestions in each beach area that we recommend during your visit.

Lido Beach
7:00 am

An excellent time for a morning beach run!

12:00 pm

Need a good lunch selection? Try Daiquiri Deck on Lido.  Great quick bite selections from this full menu.  Our favorite daquiri is the Bushwacker but you might want to try something a bit more tropical and fruity on your first visit.

6:00 pm

A fun small bar on your hit list?  Definitely Lynches Pub & Grub.  Been serving great beers and food for over 25 years!  Shephard's pie with a black & tan.  Now that's what I'm talking about!

Sanibel Island
7:00 am

Wake up bright and early and head out to the beach.  There is nothing like a relaxing morning walk along the shore.  Before the surf gets all worked up, the waves roll in gently placing you and tranquil state of mind.

Siesta Beach
7:00 am

I would start my day with a walk out on Siesta Beach.


8:30 am

Then I would take  Jonny's Original Free Rides to the Sungarden Cafe in the Siesta Key Village.


10:00 am

Take a stroll through the Village after and wander through Gidget's Coastal Provisions.  They have lots of cool Margaritaville stuff! 

Turtle Beach
7:00 pm

Enjoy the sunset in this southern Florida style environment. No hustle, no bustle and no noise!  Pure beauty of the setting sun and rolling waves.

8:00 pm

Don't leave the sunset too quickly! The sky changes colors and the brilliant pastels come out 20 minutes after sunset.

8:30 pm

After the initial rush, enjoy a nice relaxing dinner at Ophelia's on the Bay.  A delicious full menu and some great wines to choose from.  This establishment offers a nice view out onto Sarasota Bay.

By the way, send us an email if you have any suggestions for us!